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My name is Remy. Born and raised in Holland. Graduated in music and psychology. To me selling products or training students with my voice is something I never thought was possible. It all started a while ago while I was working as an emergency dispatcher for a Dutch government agency (2001~2006).

Assisting, directing and calming people in their most critical, moving or exciting moment of their lives was something I had to do on a daily base. I discovered that 'using' my voice became 'core'. Since 2006 I have invested considerable time in ongoing acting classes and vocal coaching.

As of today I am represented by multiple voice-over agents worldwide. I have my own production studio and work on a global base right from home!


You can book me as a trilingual voice-over: Native Dutch (C2), near Native German (C1), and English (B2). Clients hire me for (medical/scientific) e-learning, corporate translations, commercials, sync film/series, and sales letters.


My voice is casted as smooth and versatile. It can be:

- Sober and serious for medical and scientific presentations or e-learning;
- Youthful, friendly, and relatable for commercials;
- Bright, helpful, and clear for IVR;
- Straightforward, professional, and knowledgeable for business presentations; or
- Engaging, warm, and dynamic for audiobooks.


But also audacious, cheeky, or downright scary for comics, games, and characters.


As well as providing Dutch voice-over services, I can also be booked for transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and / or audio syncing. I take pride in excellent quality, a fast turnaround and friendly cooperation.

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