I am Remy | Native Dutch voice-over

...and I do Dutch voice-overs for clients worldwide. For multinationals, small business owners or private persons. I am native in Dutch and bilingual in German (near native C1). If your voice-over script needs a finishing touch, I (re)write scripts specially for voices. Back in 2002 I started my career as a voice for a government agency. My voice is energetic, recognizable, fresh and versatile. I invest in vocal-coaching and voice acting lessons by (inter)nationally known coaches. 

Same day service or longterm projects possible. 100% satisfied clients worldwide.

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Own studio | and productions

Nette computerbalie

Working from home. We voice-overs do this for years already. I own a topnotch studio, built by professionals for professionals. Solid state soundproof build with ideal qualities for me as a voice-over. 

I work with Sennheiser MK-8 / MKH-4 and  Apple + Steinberg equipment. 

Live directing sessions possible via Sessionlink Pro, Teams of Zoom.

Soundfiles | listen to Demo's

Explainer style in Dutch

00:00 / 00:15

e-Learning style in Dutch

00:00 / 00:31

Voice-acting Teen in Dutch

00:00 / 00:42

Voice-acting Dutch cartoon

00:00 / 00:10

Dutch meditation soothing style

00:00 / 02:11

Rates | for e-Learning

Every quotation is different.

Simply mail me your request and I will send you an estimate within 3 hours. 

Clean cut delivery

WAV 16b / 44.1khz


€ 120


€  220


€  320


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Hundreds of clients trust my voice to enhance their products

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Same day service

Urgent call? Same day service is possible. 

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Script writing

If needed: I (re)write voice scripts to match the client and VO needs. 

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Clean cut

For soundpro's clean cut. For non soundpro's: you will get a mastered file in HQ!


Not satisfied? I won't charge you anything extra for small repairs in takes.

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Im native Dutch. Bilingual in German. And fluently in English.

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Live directing

If the clients needs to direct me, you can be live in my studio over webcam connections.

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I will always work 100% together in getting the best result!

Convinced? | contact me now!


Because I am oft in my studio, busy, I can't be on the phone a lot.

Send me an e-mail or use this form. I will react within 3 hours!